It was a job well done

A project two years in completion, my wife and I started this having known and worked with Christine in the past. The project encompassed the historical renovation of two Cocoa River side homes into a B&B, as well as the renovation of a garage apartment along the way. All three were badly in need of some TLC. The degree of which, neither of us had imagined. Christine brought the expected expertise of an interior designer to the effort; successful experience in new construction and remolding, knowledge of period styles and an ability to listen, understand and execute our vision.

Luckily for us, she also brought to our project other attributes not listed on her web page. A critical one was that Christine has assembled a team of the best tradesmen in the county that include carpentry, custom wood work, wood flooring, tile work, and electricians and plumbers and painters, to name a few. Along with the tradesmen, Christine has in her stable a long list of service providers to meet most any requirement; window dressings, lighting, kitchen appliances, electronics, bathroom glass, drafting services and so many more. Having experienced fist hand, for example, the effects of improper plumbing after a wall is closed up, or any of the other issues that can develop after the completion of a project, then knowing that all the work was being done by skilled and experienced tradesman was a one less to worry.

If you look at Christine’s web page you will only find project management mentioned only under a testimonial. If truth be known, it is an expertise that Christine brings to any project. The ability to keep a project on time and budget is a gift any owner can appreciate! Delays in work due to miss scheduling or lack of materials can be expensive. Working with tradesmen can be challenging as can be keeping them on the job. The management of these issues by Christine was superb.

Now that our project is complete, both my wife and I are exceptionally pleased with the results. The two historical restorations have exceeded all expectations. In April of this year we were asked to put the Cottage House of the B&B on the Brevard County Historical Tour! (I am quietly expecting to be asked next year to have the Main House of the B&B on the Historical Tour.)

Christine executed and led the project from beginning to end. It was a job well done.

Chas Q.



Attention to Detail

“Attention to detail.” “Just beautiful!” “Well-appointed.” “I want to live here!”

Comments overheard from guests visiting the SolRisa Inn B & B Grand Opening, as they viewed the accomplishments of Christine Ganoe.

I’ve known Christine for many years; SolRisa Inn is not our first project. Restoring the 1914 home and transforming it into a B & B was so rewarding that I hope it will not be our last!

My husband and I were absentee owners for several months of the year; Christine provided seamless project management. A consummate professional, she brings the right team together on the job to get it done on time, on budget, and right the first time.

Her design, based on form and function, proved itself the night of October 4th 300 people toured our small inn in two hours. Flow, interest points and gathering places occurred just as she planned. The stream of positive comments was non-stop.

Christine Ganoe designs for you – how you live and use your space, to your tastes and preferences; not to some fad or fashion whim. When she is finished, you feel that the place is truly yours. Guests come into a space that is a reflection of you, that is put together, complete, perfect.

If a project is important to you, and you plan to invest in building, remodeling or just changing your look, ask Christine’s opinion first. It could end up saving substantial time, effort, and money. Her design transcends fabric, colors, furniture placement and window dressings. I know of no other designer as comfortable in the studs and rafters of a home as she is in the synergistic detail of finished interiors.

Chrys B.



Thanks for the creative energy you shared

I just want to put in writing for your future clients a most enthusiastic recommendation. Your abilities to manage a complex project are excellent. You are detail-oriented and time sensitive. You were the glue on our project to build a 7,000+ square foot home. I felt you balanced the many different parties, including architects, builder, and many suppliers. While you are called an “interior” designer, you gave me support in all areas, including exterior hardscapes, landscapes, and exterior paint colors. Anything I needed, you were up for it. Your knowledge and interest in architectural history helped me create a home that blends both New England and Key West charm-it is both formal yet relaxed. I love the outcome of our home. Thanks for the creative energy you shared as we developed our dream home.

Lori L.



Thank you for putting this team together

Christine, thank you for putting this team together!  We cannot say enough about all the subs involved, in fact we feel we have made some good friendships along the way.  We will continue to work through the rest of the project together as we finish the interior final touches and personalization.  We both look forward to it.

Ross & Terri B.



We felt a peace

Over the course of remodeling our house twice in four years, you have helped us to create our perfect dream home – first with the updating of our kitchen, and more recently with adding a second story. Our house had a great deal of “functional obsolescence.” Your emphasis on space design allowed us to maximize the square footage in our kitchen as well as to incorporate it into the overall “flow" of the house. The second story addition has made our house look and feel complete. Once again, we have benefited from your attention to detail and how the overall project should integrate, and even enhance, the existing structure, both inside and out. We love the many historical references you applied throughout our home; it allowed us to maintain the feel of being a “cottage” home. Your coordination with our contractor as well as landscape architect allowed those small details to make the difference in our project...we felt a peace in knowing every aspect of the job had been addressed prior to demolition. Your design talents and ability to handle a complex, all encompassing job are superb. Thank you for job very well done.

Kristen T.



I would definitely recommend

Christine is very easy and fun to work with. She has access to endless sources to provide unique detail for your project while keeping in mind your budget constraints. She puts together a comprehensive and impressive bid package that addresses all aspects of the project up front. I would definitely recommend her to anyone planning a remodel or new project.

Ann D.



Maintained or renovated historic sites

The Brevard Heritage Council is presenting an award for the home you designed for me near historic Cocoa Village.  Specifically, for "maintained or renovated historic sites in the appropriate manner." When we began the project, we decided to keep it in character for the neighborhood, but never planned an historic replica.  Your period- perfect design, unflagging project management and devotion to detail made the house; you are a forest and trees thinker, and I'd be honored if you would accept this award on our behalf.\

While the outside gets a lot of attention, the inside is the best.  Every square foot is used, lived in and appreciated.  Your knowledge of contemporary design and green products, and ability to communicate my thoughts to contractors, framers and countless others is phenomenal.  Thank you again!




On top of the schedule

To be honest, we were very wary of going through the widely known "traumatic" process of remodeling. We just knew the project would take twice as long and cost twice as much. How could you blend half a house built in 1949 with the other half built in 1996?

You organized multiple crews and stayed on top of the schedule (in spite of the surprise of termites and a new roof thrown into the middle of the plans). You were upbeat and reassuring. We were able to go to work everyday trusting you had it under control.

Susan S.



Even more beautiful that I had imagined

Although I had worked closely with Christine & Roomscapes on the project, the final results were even more beautiful that I had imagined. The very best part of the design was how even the smallest detail blended with, and enhanced the overall effect. I am very conscious of even little flaws, and now, three years later, I would not change one detail. I wanted a totally "finished" look, and this room is exactly what I and my family had hoped for.

Betty C.



All well considered and "spot on"

When my husband and I knew we would be retiring to live in the home that my parents had custom built in the early seventies, we also knew that we did not want to change its essential character and personality When we shared this desire with Christine, she described the home as "rustic and refined" and agreed to use this as her designing principle. After completing the project in two phases over almost two years, we couldn't be more pleased (kitchen, two bathrooms, dining room, living room). Her choices of colors, materials, and craftsmen to implement the designs were all well considered and "spot on", even if unexpected and a bit unconventional. We would work with her again in a heartbeat!!!

Lillian S.