Christine Whiteley ASIDThe Realist and the Dreamer... The Two Faces of the Designer

Interior Designers recognized by peers as “gifted” and praised by clients as “wonderful” are those who can combine two seemingly dissimilar talents. The first is a creative side that allows them to dream and see what no one else has tried before. The second is a realistic nature that understands instinctively that an impractical design is a design that has failed the ultimate test of client satisfaction.

How can these two dissimilar talents be combined successfully? That combination, an art in itself, is one that only a few are lucky enough to manage.

Christine Ganoe is one of those lucky few. “That’s the challenge and the stimulus of being in this profession,” she maintains. She believes that good design comes from the intertwining of many elements, including the client’s budget.

One of the touchstones upon which Christine founded her business, Concepts & Dimensions, is a thorough understanding of her client’s intentions, needs, and desires, before she begins any project. She describes her clients as “successful and self confident people who know their lifestyle and priorities. They want to work in a collaborative design setting, which also provides the service of project management.” She maintains one of the key elements of design is “listening”. Proof of the truth of what she says lies in the large number of “repeats” and referrals she completes each year.

The realist and the dreamer – the two sides of Christine Ganoe.

Has she been successful at utilizing her highly creative talents within the constraints of the practical aspects of the projects? She certainly has. Ask any of her clients.