It was a job well done

It was a job well done

A project two years in completion, my wife and I started this having known and worked with Christine in the past. The project encompassed the historical renovation of two Cocoa River side homes into a B&B, as well as the renovation of a garage apartment along the way. All three were badly in need of some TLC. The degree of which, neither of us had imagined. Christine brought the expected expertise of an interior designer to the effort; successful experience in new construction and remolding, knowledge of period styles and an ability to listen, understand and execute our vision.

Luckily for us, she also brought to our project other attributes not listed on her web page. A critical one was that Christine has assembled a team of the best tradesmen in the county that include carpentry, custom wood work, wood flooring, tile work, and electricians and plumbers and painters, to name a few. Along with the tradesmen, Christine has in her stable a long list of service providers to meet most any requirement; window dressings, lighting, kitchen appliances, electronics, bathroom glass, drafting services and so many more. Having experienced fist hand, for example, the effects of improper plumbing after a wall is closed up, or any of the other issues that can develop after the completion of a project, then knowing that all the work was being done by skilled and experienced tradesman was a one less to worry.

If you look at Christine’s web page you will only find project management mentioned only under a testimonial. If truth be known, it is an expertise that Christine brings to any project. The ability to keep a project on time and budget is a gift any owner can appreciate! Delays in work due to miss scheduling or lack of materials can be expensive. Working with tradesmen can be challenging as can be keeping them on the job. The management of these issues by Christine was superb.

Now that our project is complete, both my wife and I are exceptionally pleased with the results. The two historical restorations have exceeded all expectations. In April of this year we were asked to put the Cottage House of the B&B on the Brevard County Historical Tour! (I am quietly expecting to be asked next year to have the Main House of the B&B on the Historical Tour.)

Christine executed and led the project from beginning to end. It was a job well done.

Chas Q.