Green is not a Color

  A paint exists that is organic, bio-degradable and has no VOCS, as well as permanent, durable and beautiful.

  Rainwater harvesting can provide water for irrigation, flushing toilets, washing clothes, or it can be purified for use as everyday drinking water.

  There are alternatives to replacing the charming historic home windows that will increase the energy efficiency while you have your walls open during your remodel.

  Ever smelled the musty odor that permeates the air once the walls have been opened? Ozone Ionizer is an essential oil blend that is an antiseptic for the air. This blend, by natural biological chemical combination, creates ozone, which dispels bacteria.

  Eco-Friendly Approach  Green Remodeling is a mindset.


  • holistic approach
  • sustainable & reclaimed materials
  • symbiotic savings
  • water & energy efficiency
  • design for adaptability
  • rain harvest systems
  • repurposed architectural details