Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

“Attention to detail.” “Just beautiful!” “Well-appointed.” “I want to live here!”

Comments overheard from guests visiting the SolRisa Inn B & B Grand Opening, as they viewed the accomplishments of Christine Ganoe.

I’ve known Christine for many years; SolRisa Inn is not our first project. Restoring the 1914 home and transforming it into a B & B was so rewarding that I hope it will not be our last!

My husband and I were absentee owners for several months of the year; Christine provided seamless project management. A consummate professional, she brings the right team together on the job to get it done on time, on budget, and right the first time.

Her design, based on form and function, proved itself the night of October 4th 300 people toured our small inn in two hours. Flow, interest points and gathering places occurred just as she planned. The stream of positive comments was non-stop.

Christine Ganoe designs for you – how you live and use your space, to your tastes and preferences; not to some fad or fashion whim. When she is finished, you feel that the place is truly yours. Guests come into a space that is a reflection of you, that is put together, complete, perfect.

If a project is important to you, and you plan to invest in building, remodeling or just changing your look, ask Christine’s opinion first. It could end up saving substantial time, effort, and money. Her design transcends fabric, colors, furniture placement and window dressings. I know of no other designer as comfortable in the studs and rafters of a home as she is in the synergistic detail of finished interiors.

Chrys B.